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Artist or group Title Media Country, label & no, year Grading record/cover, notes Price
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UB 40 Food for thought/King SP IT Graduate GR 60, 1980 Ex/Ex 5.00
The earth dies screaming/Dream a lie SP SE Graduate GRAD 10, 1980 M-/Vg+ 5.00
One in ten/Sardonicus SP FR Epic EPCA 1627, 1981 M-/M- 5.00
Love is all is alright/One a penny SP NL Epic EPCA 2363, 1982 M-/Vg+ 5.00
Sing our own song (2 versions) SP DE Virgin 108 264, 1986 Ex/Ex 4.50
PRESENT ARMS LP NL Epic EPC 85126, 1981 Ex/Vg+ 5.50
UGGLA, Magnus Yeh, why not/Va' ska' man ta livet av sig för när man ändå inte får höra snacket efteråt SP SE CBS 5526, 1977 Ex/Vg+ (cs) 4.00
I.Q./Raggare SP SE Sonet T-10109, 1983 Ex/Ex 6.00
Jag mår illa (vocal & instr.) SP SE CBS 654803 7, 1989 Vg+/Vg 3.50
ULLA-BELLA (Fridh) Roslagsvår/Tango för två (m. Alf Pröysen) SP SE Philips 350 152 PF, 1956 Ex/Ex (cs) 5.00
ULLMAN, Tracey YOU BROKE MY HEART IN 17 PLACES LP SE Stiff SEEZ-51, 1983 M-/M- 7.50
ULRIK LINDHOLMS ORKESTER Bei mir bist du schön/Harlem boogie (red vinyl) SP SE Nashville NS 804, 1963 M-/Ex 21.00
ULVAEUS, Björn (ABBA) Fröken Fredriksson (Harper Valley PTA)/Vår egen sång SP SE Polar POS 1062, 1968 Vg(+)/Vg+ (nc) 14.00
Fröken Fredriksson (Harper Valley PTA)/Vår egen sång SP SE Polar POS 1062, 1968 Vg-/- 2.00
ULVAEUS, Björn, & Benny Andersson Lycka/Hej gamle man! SP SE Polar POS 1110, 1970 Ex/Ex (cs) 8.00
UNCLE SAM Pretty woman/Do it for love SP DE Jupiter 11856 AT, 1978 Ex/Ex 5.50
UNDERHÅLLNINGS ORKESTERN Romance/På sångens vingar/Berceuse/Londonderry air EP NO HMV 7-EGS 163, 1959 Vg+/Vg+ 5.00
Morakullans vals/Dedikation/Menuett/Solregn EP SE HMV 7-EGS 299, 1964 Vg+/Vg+ 4.50
UNION GAP, The Young girl/I'm losing you (Featuring Gary Puckett) SP NO CBS 3365, 1968 Vg+/Vg+ 12.00
Young girl/I'm losing you (Small hd, plays ok) SP SE CBS 3365, 1968 Vg-/Vg (cs, nc) 1.00
UNITED SINGERS 24 SUPERHITS 2-LP SE Polydor 2863 097, 1981 Ex/Ex (foc) 4.50
UNIVERSAL International Orchestra 'THE GLEN MILLER STORY' Moonlight serenade + 3 EP UK Decca BME 9001, 1954 Vg(+)/Vg 4.00
UNKNOWN 'RAGTIME' Maple leaf rag + 5 (33 rpm Ep) EP SE Gala Int. SPK-829, 196? M-/M- (cs) 2.50
URBAN VERBS URBAN VERBS LP US Warner Bros. BSK 3418, 1980 Ex/Vg(-) (rw) 4.50
USA FOR AFRICA We are the world + 1 with Quincy Jones SP NL CBSA 6112, 1985 M-/Ex 3.50
USSR State Symphony Orchestra BORODIN: FROM THE OPERA PRINCE IGOR (Cond. Yevgeni Svetlanov) LP RU Melodia 33C 01377/8 Ex/Vg+ 7.50
UTOPIA POV LP UK Food For Thought GRUB 5, 1985 Ex/Ex 5.50

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