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You have found the homepage of SL Records, the specialist in vintage vinyl. Here you find both new as well as used records, mostly in the rock and pop area, but also in some other areas like jazz and classical. The records are mostly for sale at set-sale prices, but you will also find an auction section. Check the links down on this page to find what you're interested in. Here you also find cd records, tapes, and books about music.

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Payment can be made by credit card through PayPal, by IMO (International Money Order), by deposition to our bank account, or by sending cash in registered mail. No cheques are accepted. Don't send any money until we have informed you what we have got for you! Some prices are still in SEK, Swedish crowns, but will be re-calculated to euro as soon as possible. (1 US$ is approximately 7 SEK, 1 Euro is approximately 9 SEK. For other currencies click the currency converter link below.)

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AU: Australia, AT: Austria, BE: Belgium, CA: Canada, CH: Switzerland, DE: Germany, DK: Denmark, ES: Spain, FI: Finland, FR: France, GR: Greece, IR: Ireland, IT: Italy, JP: Japan, JU: (Ex-)Jugoslavia, MY: Malaysia, NL: Netherlands, NO: Norway, NZ: New Zeeland, PH: Philippines, PL: Poland, PT:Portugal, RU: Russia, SE: Sweden, TJ: (Ex-)Czechoslovakia, UK: England, US: USA.

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